Columbus City Preparatory
School for Boys
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A single gender education for Boys can often

  • Allow for nontraditional teaching techniques and structures that are well suited to aspects of male-female learning differences
  • Allow for classes in which the learners are similar to one another in their stages of physical, mental, and emotional development
  • Eliminate certain distractions from the classroom (such as boy-girl flirtation, physical tensions, gender-based competition), thus increasing concentration and focus
  • Allows boys not to worry about making comments in the classroom that girls will ridicule (and vice versa), so that self-esteem can be driven more by performance and less by what members of the opposite sex think and say
  • Create a comfortable environment for learning, in which boys feel greater freedom to “be themselves” without posturing and playing to girls’ attentions
  • Help boys learn self-management through working together, helping each other, and finding safety in being in class with others who instinctively understand them
  • Allow for candid conversations in the classroom (where boys can ask questions and discuss topics they might avoid in a coed setting), thereby creating unique teachable moments for character, leadership, goal setting, and boy talk
  • Increase boys’ willingness to try new things – especially in the arts (performing skits, sharing poetry etc.) – that they might not be as willing to try in front of girls
  • Provide a greater opportunity to help boys with literacy by including more boy-friendly materials
  • Enable teachers to create experiences that specially support boys through creative, gender specific instructional practices

(Source: Successful Single-Sex Classrooms: A Practical Guide to Teaching Boys & Girls Separately– Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens, and Peggy Daniels)

Principal - Dion Drakeford
614-365-6166  |   3450 Medway Ave Columbus, OH 43213
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